Virtual Cisco Innovation Challenge 2020

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📖 For more than 2 years now we propose a program we call “Train-the-Trainer”.

💡 Initially, the observation was simple: if we really wanted to have an impact on companies we work with, we needed to give to people within those companies the autonomy to innovate, act (and hack 😉) for good and challenge the status quo.

In a nutshell, we developed a program to make a skill transfer. We teach to corporate talents how to facilitate and organize hackathons. We coach them to become actors and foster innovation in their organizations.

We did the training with a wave of coaches in Cisco in 2020.

The result was the Cisco Belux Innovation Challenge 2020 a competition that took place early October with 6 teams : Euroclear 1, Euroclear 2, STIB-MIVBLe ForemService public de Wallonie, Actiris and 6  business challenges to crack on 3 days.


Take a look at the results from this experience !

For the Hackathon :



For the entire Journey :



For more insights we advice you to read this beautiful article written by one of Cisco’s coaches Wouter.


👋To organize your own Innovation Journey to empower your collaborators, foster innovation & intrapreneurship in your company reach us at


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