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BNPPF is a bank connected to its environment and to the society in which it operates, whether it is through its Foundation or through the 1 million hours to give challenge, the bank donates to numerous associations. The COVID crisis has reshuffled the cards. It was no longer possible to organise face-to-face corporate volunteering events. The crisis has been going on for a year now. It was inconceivable for BNPPF to wait until it was over to start again its volunteering activities.


In partnership with Hubu, we developed a programme we called ‘Virtual Solidarity Team Building’. One day, 3 teams composed of BNPPF employees to help an association with its very specific problematics.

For this first day with BNPPF, the chosen non-profit organisation was Synergie 14, which helps young people in difficulty, particularly those in exile, to reintegrate into society.


1. A new website : A team has worked on revising the website of the ASBL in order to make it more attractive and representative of the work of the ASBL for visitors. The team has produced an extensive document that proposes a new structure for the website and content ideas for each page.   

2. pedagogical document : It was important for the ASBL to have a comprehensive document that includes everything that is being donedescribes the actions, operating and financing methods so that interested people can deep dive into the world of the association and find out everything quickly. The team produced this document, its structure, a large part of its content and made a proposal for its design.  

3. Communication documents : A not-for-profit often makes events to introduce itself. Synergie 14 needed banners, business cards & flyers to improve its visibility. The team produced 1 proposal for all 3 formats, proposing the content and visual identity.


We divided the program into 2 main moments :   

Kick-off organised on Tuesday 13th of January, all participants were invited as well as Thomas Senghor the director of the ABSL Synergie 14During 1 hourwe made sure that the participants were well embarked on the online conferencing tool and we interviewed Thomas so that he could introduce to all his ASBL (their actions, anecdotes, …). This session is top-down but also very interactive. It is the moment for participants to understand and make the challenge their own.

A ½ action day organised on Wednesday 14th of January, all the participants chose a challenge and spent half a day working in teams on it. At the end of this race against time, we met again in sub-groups for a big presentation of the results to Thomas and a small closing ceremony 


From a satisfaction survey conducted the day after the end of the program 

This initiative brings a real positive impact to Synergy 14: 4.5 ⭐  

The choice of the ASBL was relevant : 4.7 ⭐  

What is your general satisfaction with the day? 4.2 ⭐ 


“By giving little time we were able to help the non-profit organisation in a very practical way and with a significant impact. ” – Eefje   

“A very rewarding initiative! ” – Marc   

“A very nice initiative : it is rare to meet the people who take care of unaccompanied minors, one of the categories of children I find the most fragile in the world, and whose resilience often depends on care structures such as Synergy 14″. – Chantal   

“Small rivers make big rivers :-) ” – Filip  


Since this first project, we organised tens of Virtual Solidarity TeamBuilding for BNPPF and several ASBL.



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