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With the crisis, the pro bono activities done on the field (like cleaning the beaches) stopped to protect employees. The institutions’ desire to enroll their collaborators in volunteering activities did not stop with the crisis.

The European Commission CSR advisors Ludmila Handjieva & Janette Sinclair called us to organize a remote volunteering day. They wanted their collaborators not only to bring their energy & time to NPOs but also their skills.


We are experts in skill-based sponsorship events.

We co-designed a 1-day journey enrolling 3 ASBLs & 3 teams made up of nine EC employees from different departments to answer challenges ASBLs are facing. As part of the March Month for gender equality, we enrolled 3 ASBLs working in the field: Touche Pas À Ma Pote, solving the pressing issue for women of harassment in the public space, L’Ilot, working to support women homelessness, Casa legal, a group of women lawyers proposing a new way of practicing the. We called this initiative the EC Empowering Woman Social Hackathon. The multidisciplinary team in knowledge and skills made it possible to bring new perspectives and ideas for solutions to NPOs.

A facilitator supported each group in collective intelligence and expert in innovation methodology. The teams went through a specially designed method with the appropriate tools & the day is paced by plenary sessions for sharing of experience & energy.



How might we measure our impact & manage all the demands we receive? 

With a deep understanding of the ASBL, its limits & core values, the team proposed a self-assessment survey that the ASBL could run before accepting a case. The survey will be based on several criteria essential to know before saying YES or NO to a project (how much time, persons involved, feasibility,…). 


How might we digitalize & expand our activities? 

The team proposed to TPAMP to spend more time on social media, targeting Youtube & Facebook with small videos about the ASBL’s activities. They gathered information on partners the ASBL could reach in another region of Belgium to expand. And they proposed platforms like Give a day to trigger volunteering work & crowdfunding for the ASBL.


How might we convince private partners to invest in our project of a day center for women homeless? 

The team proposed a partnership with the European Commission based on two pillars: an awareness campaign on women homeless problematic & salary round-up.



A significant part of the success is defined with the client & NPOs upstream. Then, there is the event:

KICK-OFF: 10 days before the event. The perfect moment for each participant to meet their team members & the NPOs they will help.

Between the KICK-OFF & the event: We send materials to participants about the NPOs. 

EC Social Hackathon D-DAY: DISCOVER: Participants get to ask all their questions to NPOs leaders. They narrow the challenge to address it better.

DESIGN: Participants liberate their creativity to find the best idea to solve the challenge.

DEFINE: Participants describe in detail the solution.

DEVELOP: Participants build the pitch they deliver at the end of the day.




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