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ETEX is an international construction group. ETEX moto « inspiring ways of living » brings them to allow the world to build safe, sustainable, intelligent, and beautiful living spaces.

To live by their mission and in today’s world, ETEX is now developing an ambitious group-wide CSR strategy to lead the path in their industry.

ETEX needed support to communicate internally about this CSR strategy. CSR is nothing if the entire company doesn’t embody it in their daily work.


ETEX identified 24 CSR ambassadors in all continents ETEX is operating in. We, IMPACT VALLEY, designed a journey to make the CSR strategy of the group their own. A journey that can be resumed in 3 steps :

  1. Awareness/ popularization of the CSR strategy: Acknowledge the gap between the « as is » and the « to be».
  2. Share & Decide as a group what should become the priority & the first step to take.
  3. Design individual actions & present them to the rest of the group & ETEX top management.


As an example, one group developed the idea of a platform/dashboard to house CSR activity, including: individual, country, and global progress, a marketplace of CSR activities to pick from and participate in & a community to interact like social media etc.


We are now following the team leaders of the 3 teams we created during the journey. We coach them on creating an efficient roadmap, facilitating the meetings with their groups, defining priorities, & developing their solutions.

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