Who we are

What we stand for: At Impact Valley, we believe that the necessary transition towards a sustainable economy will take place through a systemic approach. This is why we help our clients connect with their ecosystem and open their innovation process in order to create collective value for both business and society. We help companies across all sectors, that are willing to take action in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, while we focus on number 17.

Find more about the SDGs here.


We help organizations to engage into the societal transition by co-creating with them impact-driven ecosystems. We call this the “Corporate Societal Entrepreneurship”.

We have developed several tools and acquire a unique expertise that we invite you to leverage in order to build your own ecosystem.

We define our mission as empowerment through collaborative experimentation.



They have a societal mission with a high potential to create impact but they lack of sustainable business models and capacities to scale.



They have a large customer base and many resources that can be leveraged but they lack disruptive ideas that can include them into the transition.

Why “Impact Valley”?

If the term “Valley” first refers to a cluster for cutting-edge technologies and industries, we want here to breath the idea of openness into our own ecosystem. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel so we collaborate with many players. Find more about our ecosystem.

The notion of “Impact” is in every product we design, in each partnership we initiate and at the core of our customer relationship.

Our motto is “Globally Connected. Locally Impacted”. Discover more about the several resources we use to achieve this ambitious purpose.

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