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— About Us —

Leadership Team

Impact Valley is managed by a group of changemakers passionate about innovation. When they are not in the field, they are taking part in our efficient, agile and transparent leadership team.
Julie is the self-employed marketer of the team, very much involved in social-driven organizations. She joins the company because of its purpose-oriented mission where she likes to contribute as a communication expert.
At Impact Valley, she is obviously in charge of the visibility but likes to take the role of an innovation facilitator when possible. She brings her good mood in everyone’s day-to-day while remaining very much professional.
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Alexandre is a creative self-organised entrepreneur concerned by environmental issues. He is very much motivated at the first sparks of a social project and likes to provide strategic advises on the way to make it grow, keep human at its core.
At Impact Valley, he is accountable for back-office management (Finance & HR) but focuses more on the delivery of innovation programs. He is in charge of the partnerships and is thus very much involved in the design of the ecosystem.
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Laurent is a social-oriented entrepreneur, invested in the non-profit sector and very much concerned by our way to live. He naturally inspires the team with his changemaker behaviour and largely contributes to the culture.
At Impact Valley, he takes the responsability of sales thanks to his commercial expertise but plays an important role in terms of facilitation too. He is your first point-of-contact who will seduce you!
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