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Module I — 2020–2021 — Innovation

HackCOVID (2021)

Project Impact

Today, one project (Foodarity) is now launched on the market, and a few more are in development.

And it was a life-changing experience for many citizens who took this hackathon as training on innovation methodologies, new ways of thinking, and collaborative approaches.​

Read more about the initiative here: HackCOVID.


A 5-day citizen hackathon to solve Brussels pressing environmental, social, and societal issues.​


During the first lockdown in April 2020 and again, in February 2021, we organised an online hackathon​ for Brussels citizens to find solutions to urgent challenges related to improving the post-crisis situation in Brussels. We personalised our methodology and facilitation to fit the systemic challenges of circular economy, diversity & inclusion, culture and more topics brought by Brussels public institutions.
The objective of the hackathon was to offer tools for citizens to become entrepreneurs and launch social initiatives.​
HackCOVID (2021)