Pyramid of CSR

We consider that several levels exist depending on the advanced state of the organization in its CSR activity.


The first level is about donation, philanthropy, and giving back to society independently of one core business.


The second level is about corporate volunteering, engaging collaborators on volunteering activities requiring time and energy. There is value in the association with NPOs world (credibility, reputation, … for both parts).


On the third level, it is again about engaging with the local network of NPOs during competency-based learning experiences. Corporates share time, expertise, skills with NPOs and take the time to develop relationships, learn from the reality of the NPOs. There is a transfer of resources.


On the fourth level, we no longer talk about giving back to society but more about assessing the internal impact of the company that will lead to the definition of your internal CSR strategy:

👉Clearing your negative impact

👉Enhancing your positive one

👉Provoking a cultural change and empower your collaborators.


On the fifth step, which we love to call Nirvana, the organization becomes a leader in CSR. We no longer talk about CSR. CSR becomes the DNA of the company. It shows the path to go by giving examples & inspiring others. It is also the step of partnerships. They start early in the journey, but they start to bring synergistic value: co-creation for systemic change.


At which step are you?


A great CSR politics is about the right balance of the 5th level. This framework helps, in our opinion, to position, to open the debate, to have visually an overview of the steps to take.


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