Our team is constituted of passionate change-makers! Get to know them by attending our next event.

We have skills and knowledge in open innovation and collective intelligence. We offer this expertise to our ecosystem and that’s how we engage into the transition. We have important responsibilities that help us to achieve business impact. And each one has a major role into the contribution of our societal impact. This enables us to move from our common vision to collective actions.

  • Alexandre Philippe
    Alexandre Philippe Co-founder & CSO

    He co-founded Impact Valley and supports the team at a strategic level. As a CSO, he is involved in each element of the company and ensures to deploy the right strategy, a key pillar of our ecosystem.

  • Bastien Van Wylick
    Bastien Van Wylick Co-founder & CEO

    As co-founder and CEO of Impact Valley, he is the ecosystem designer at the initiative of each new product and project. Going from vision to action is only possible with leadership. That’s why Bastien empowers the team to lead by example in every actions they do.

  • Macha Bertrand
    Macha Bertrand COO

    Macha is our COO. She manages the delivery of our programs and build strong relationships with our customers. With her position, she participates to other activities and initiatives we launch to grow our societal impact. Her role is very much related to our final actions.

  • Julie Maricq
    Julie Maricq CMO

    Julie is our CMO. She leads the communication aspects of the company, which include marketing and partnership. She is obviously very much involved into the culture of our organization, and therefore the few initiatives we have launched.

  • Laurent Fortuna
    Laurent Fortuna CCO & Training manager

    Laurent is our CCO. Next to his sales responsibilities, Laurent plays an important role in the corporate learning programs and the training of our ideation experts. He largely contributes to the competencies of our ecosystem.

  • Filip Van Mullem
    Filip Van Mullem Strategic Advisor
  • Daniil Valioullin
    Daniil Valioullin Analyst Developer

    Daniil is the right brain of our atomic unit of work that builds all the technological platforms used for our programs. He is a technical analyst with skills in back-end web development. With François, they are mobile cross the ecosystem.

  • François Reunis
    François Reunis Front-end Designer

    François is the left brain of our atomic unit of work that builds all the technological platforms used for our programs. He is the creative designers with skills in front-end web development. With Daniil, they are mobile cross the ecosystem.