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Why isn’t the client base growing sufficiently?


To best respond to this problem, the Crack The Code team was made up of eight VOO employees from different departments. The team’s multidisciplinarity in knowledge and skills made it possible to cover a problem’s wide range of axes of analysis.

In addition, the team was mentored in its mission by Impact Valley in order to optimize the work by putting into place a joint implementation of the analysis framework. Impact Valley also provided occasional help when the need arose, and at times took on the role of Project Manager to focus and reframe the team’s activities when necessary. Finally, this assignment was planned to be spread out over eight weeks, four days out of five in a coworking space reserved for the occasion, to guarantee optimal working conditions.

This is what we actually did.


A report containing all the answers to the question asked by the CEO (250 pages).

A presentation was given to the MTTM (board of directors).

6 new task forces for the implementation of action plans resulting from the report.


“Insights (DATA) will become more and more important. We will not be able to afford to invest in assumptions, “guts feelings”. This is a positive experience both internally for employees but also in strategic and business terms.”



Would you like to know more about this case and how it changed everything for VOO and its team? The case is developed in our Annual Report to be download HERE.

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