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4D Methodology

Inspired by the Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Golden Circle approaches, this unique simplified methodology is based on a 4-step process where each outcome highlights one of the criteria.


Drawing inspiration from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and the Golden Circle approaches, we have crafted an innovative and distinctive methodology. This unique simplified approach ensures that each outcome emphasises a specific criterion, allowing for a comprehensive and focused solution.
By integrating the principles of Design Thinking, we foster a human-centred perspective, encouraging empathy and understanding of user needs. The Lean Startup methodology brings a pragmatic and iterative mindset, promoting rapid prototyping and experimentation to validate assumptions and reduce risk. Inspired by the Golden Circle, our methodology emphasises the “why” behind each step, fostering a clear purpose and aligning actions with a compelling vision.

Step 1: Discover

The objective of this first phase is to get aligned with your teammates and get a deep understanding of the problem before starting to generate any idea of potential solution.
The Discovery phase will end with a clear understanding of the sustainable challenge and potential impact.

Step 2: Design

Now that you are all aligned on the root problem you want to tackle, it’s time to unlock your creativity and come up with most innovative ideas to solve that problem.
The output of the Design phase will be your value proposition.

Step 3: Define

At this stage of the process, you should now have between your hands one promising idea you would like to develop. Before jumping into action, it is uttermost important to get aligned with your teammates.
After the Definition phase, you need to end up with an economic model.

Step 4: Develop

The objective of this phase is to make your solution tangible and test its traction on your targeted end-users. To do so, you first need to identify if you will develop a digital, a physical or an experience prototype.
The Development phase should generate a first prototype of your solution.