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2018–2019 | Pioneering

Bristol Myers Squibb (2018)


How can we unleash an organisational transformation and break down organisational silos with a new common working process that is inspired by the start-up ecosystem, while delivering value for our patients?


We launched a long-term programme to engage and train 20 innovation champions through a unique entrepreneurial journey where they try new ways of working in co-creation with internal and external stakeholders stimulating collaboration and innovation culture. 

Participants are provided with concrete postures and tools to approach collaboration, innovation, and business development differently, with a co-creation dynamic centred on the client’s needs.

1- Assessment
We recruit and set up objectives and methodology for the programme.

2- Awareness
Participants embarked on a 3-days societal hackathon where they experimented with the 4D methodology and collective intelligence techniques, learned how to work together and supported an NPO.


3- Understanding
Participants followed a 4 day of training on the 4D methodology, the role of the facilitator and how to organise a hackathon.


4- Involvement
Participants organised their own hackathon with clients. They handled everything from challenge definition to logistics to facilitation of the D-day. We were supporting as coaches.

5- Implementation
Solutions from the hackathon will be developed and supported during this development.

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