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Dive into Insights, where clients share experiences, cases unfold, tools empower, events spark ideas, and methodologies shape understanding. It’s a journey through the diverse tapestry of knowledge, inviting you to explore, learn, and grow.

Unlocking Ecological Mobilisation: 4 Key Levers

Change doesn't just come from the top. Employees play a vital role in driving sustainability through daily green habits and innovative solutions.
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Financez votre TTF avec la prime formation de Bruxelles Economie & Emploi (BEE)

Si vous êtes un.e indépendant.e domicilié.e en région bruxelloise cet article est pour vous. 
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Table ronde: monde associatif, monde corporate, des pistes pour le futur ?

Historiquement le lien se développe quand le Time building (donner de son temps à une association sur son temps de travail) vient remplacer le Team Building (dépenser des milliers d’euros pour des activités fun ou sportives : ça ne passe plus).
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Impact Valley’s Ambitions for the Future

What started 3 years ago as a project to increase the positive impact while reducing their negative footprint has allowed us to facilitate numerous workshops.
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Understanding Resilience

Resilience is defined as the ability of a living system to restore its systemic structure and functions after a disruption.
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Importance of Collaboration

Synergies between actors is essential to resolve the pressing challenges of this era as a single actor cannot arrive at global solutions.
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Be Empathetic

The human being is the central figure in all measures taken to pull our society out of the crisis and to keep enterprises afloat.
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Collective Intelligence

What does “Collective Intelligence” mean? We at Impact Valley see it as a way to empower a group of people by drawing from the capabilities of its members.
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Digital Inclusivity

We use online tools to keep in touch with our clients and beneficiaries. Recently, we got confronted on our choices: the tools we use are not inclusive.
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Selection Criteria

During our hackathons or workshops we facilitate project creation journeys. For a self-assessment or selection, here are the criteria we like to use:
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Being Agile

The concepts of adaptation and agility are of greater importance today. Our world continues to evolve and it is plagued by uncertainties and constant change.
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HackCOVID, an Online Hackathon

We have decided to speed up the process of reflection and co-creation by launching HackCOVID, an online hackathon to think about the post-crisis.
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303030 City Climate Change

“303030 City Climate Change” connects many significant players with the ambition to support 30 collaborative projects, for 30% less CO2, by 2030 in Brussels.
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Village of Changemakers

SeeU is a village of changemakers dedicated to civic initiatives and innovative start-ups working on sustainable subjects that drive impact entrepreneurs.
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Systemic Innovation

Many corporate innovation initiatives have been born, some have flourished but some failed to take root. We see the need for continued openness and cooperation.
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