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Impact Valley’s Ambitions for the Future

Impact Valley is no longer just an innovation hub, we are so much more.
What started 3 years ago as a project to increase the positive impact of organizations while reducing their negative footprint has allowed us to facilitate numerous workshops. These workshops are based on our 4D method: Discover, Design, Define & Develop which is inspired by design thinking and lean start-up. We have collaborated with the most inspiring corporate leaders in the world and a wide array of local entrepreneurial organizations. We are proud to have been party to many far-reaching initiatives. Have our actions positively affected the environment? Have we contributed to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals? Maybe not…yet. However, we have contributed to the building of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports sustainable innovation, our sole mission.

Today, we draw from our experience in redefining core businesses to bring major players from all industries around the discussion table. As we consider our achievements, we see the business challenges we have overcome, the innovative initiatives we have co-created, new operational and financial models we have invented, minimum viable products we have built and all the transferable knowledge we have accumulated that can be used to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in any organisation, independent of their innovation maturity.
More importantly, we have realised over time that the innovation methodology we use has an impact that is evident beyond simple business benefits. The impact is felt by the people themselves as evidenced in the shift in expectations expressed by HR and CSR representatives as far as their colleagues are concerned. In a creative and positive environment, collective intelligence coupled with efficient knowledge sharing can transform a company. Thanks to our experience, we can offer our services to different departments within a company.

Every single organisation knows that success depends on its main asset: human capital.

This is the case with the societal transition that current circumstances dictate we embrace; it is people-centred. Some decision-makers may wonder why they should invest in people while they could potentially leave the company, but the more pressing question is, “What happens if you don’t invest in people and they stay in the company?”.

Now more than ever, there is a need to identify the entrepreneurial potential of all internal stakeholders by providing proper support for them to acquire new skills and knowledge that would, in turn, ensure fast and ethical economic growth. While every single business will need to reinvent itself to be more resilient, sustainable and profitable, there is a need for the workforce to be more hardy, responsible and bankable. In both situations, the challenge is to work together and go further. Collaboration, especially during a difficult time, is achieved through collective intelligence. So, instead of asking your colleagues to be productive managers, empower them to do what needs to be done today to build the company of tomorrow.

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