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Solution 4


Creatively rethink your day-to-day activities to be more sustainable

💡 We ran an assessment to get our reporting going (CSRD). How can we improve from there?

💡 How can I engage broadly within my organisation?

💡 How can we stimulate our understanding of our sustainable challenges to solve them creatively?

💡 How can I develop the postures to lead change within my influence zone in my organisation?

No matter the maturity level of your organisation, we have programmes/ coaching to support you in developing your creativity, innovation, and collaboration skills and become a collaborative leader! Imagine the sustainable solutions your operations need to boost positive externalities and reduce their negative ones—and engage others in your journey.

Our Programmes

Unlock your potential as a collaborative leader of change by honing creativity, innovation, and collaboration skills. Harness sustainable solutions for positive impact and engage fellow change-makers.

TTF — Train the Facilitator

A four-day training course to provide you with the concrete tools and postures you need to facilitate the projects you carry out on a daily basis in a collaborative and innovative way.
The training is based on collective intelligence techniques, learning the facilitator posture, and our innovation methodology: the 4D (Design Thinking & Lean Startup in a single method).

At the end of this training, you will be able to facilitate and thus:

  1. Achieve more in less time,
  2. Co-create with everyone involved,
  3. Ask the right questions, and delve into the root causes of the problems that concern you,
  4. Diverge and converge and create new opportunities and solutions.

The training is designed for any proactive and creative person looking for methods, postures and tools to structure their explorations and collaborations and lead change in their organisation. 

Eureka Programme

A four-month dynamic learning by doing training engaging inter-disciplinary teams across your organisations.
This programme:
  • Stimulates culture in favour of social intrapreneurship and innovation,
  • Provides concrete tools to people to seize opportunities to increase positive impact and reduce negative externalities in their daily activities,
  • Designs sustainable solutions for the organisation to develop.
Collaborators learn about sustainable innovation while solving the organisation’s operational environmental and social challenges (security, worker rights, ecological footprint, diversity and inclusion, etc.). Innovation facilitators support them along the way.

Sustainability Day

Organise ONE big event every year around the topic of Sustainability. Reunite your stakeholders to discuss your organisation’s position and advancements and celebrate!
ENGAGE: It is a unique opportunity to remember all that has been achieved. Celebrate the small and the big and the individuals that created them. A playful dimension is fundamental to bringing interaction and a sense of lightness.

INFORM: This is an opportunity to present transparently your global strategy and objectives for the following year. You inform collaborators of the framework they will evolve and innovate within. 

INSPIRE: Sustainability is a broad topic. We can continuously deepen our understanding of its different subjects and its complexity.
CO-CREATE: This is an opportunity for brainstorming and launching a few ideas for the next year!
Together, we co-create the agenda to engage your participants and honour your objectives.

Solution 4 — Pioneering

Cases Portfolio

We organised over 30 programmes that foster pioneering. Our clients act daily with us to review their operations. Discover how and why.

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Laurent Fortuna

Would you like to unlock your potential as a social intrapreneur? Have a 30-minute call with me and learn how to harness sustainable solutions for positive impact.