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We strive to make the world more sustainable and collaborative

Our Solutions


We have the solutions to accompany you to mobilise people around the sustainable transformation of your organisation.
Solution 1

Giving Back

Donate to contribute and support non-profit organisations
Solution 2


Bring meaning to your team buildings
Solution 3


Collaborate to solve social and environmental challenges
Solution 4


Creatively rethink your day-to-day activities to be more sustainable
Solution 5


Challenge the status-quo and shape your new future-proofed strategy

Solidarity Pallets

A meaningful day, dedicated to the creation of furniture with recycled wood pallets, pre-ordered and handed over to non-profit organisations.

Impact Trophy

Impact Trophy brings together corporate companies and non-profit organisations. Together, they design and build sustainable solutions to address common social and environmental challenges.

Train the Facilitator

A four-day training course to provide you with the concrete tools and postures you need to facilitate the sustainable projects you carry out on a daily basis in a collaborative and innovative way.

Our Framework

4D Methodology

We have developed the 4D methodology as the synthesis of the best of the Design Thinking and Lean Startup approaches. It ensures that your solutions are sustainable and desired by co-creating them with all stakeholders and solving the validated problem of a target audience. It then supports the transition from idea to project by making it viable and feasible.
Clients from Private and Public Organisations
Innovation Facilitators in Our Network
People Trained in Our Methodology
People Reached per Year
Co-creation Programmes Yearly

IKEA: Welcome Home

Unblocking resistance and connecting the non-profit sector and the business world in a structured, effective and sustainable way around the theme of access to decent housing for vulnerable single-parent families in Belgium. It includes co-creation days, awareness-raising events, political advocacy, coordination, etc.

Maison de l'Emploi 1080

A series of 3 co-creation workshops involving local associations, employers and jobseekers to address the following question: How might we rethink the ways and means by which Molenbeek jobseekers and companies meet to generate sustainable, high-quality job placements?

Infrabel: Eureka Programme

Four months of learning by doing training on our 4D methodology for Infrabel recruits. In teams, participants design sustainable solutions to critical operational challenges with underlying social and environmental issues. It stimulates complex problem resolution and innovation culture.

Our Portfolio

Cases and Stories

You’ve seen websites with a lot of logos. With us, behind each logo there’s a unique story.

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