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Volunteering Programme

Solidarity Pallets

Share a unique day dedicated to the transformation of recycled pallets into “trendy” furniture so that they find a beautiful “second life” in an association or a school. A great opportunity to combine circular economy and solidarity.​



We have been organising the Solidarity Pallets activity since 2017.


We organised in total 84 Solidarity Pallets activity days.


In total, 2888 volunteers participated in our Solidarity Pallets events.

Sustainable Furniture for Non-Profits

Each piece of furniture carries its distinct touch of originality, showcasing the creative spirit of the teams involved. With valuable guidance and support from experienced professionals, the furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last.
After the meticulous crafting process, the furniture finds its new home in the non-profit organizations, where it serves both a functional and symbolic role, reflecting the community’s collaborative efforts in making a positive impact.

An Unforgettable Day for a Unique Purpose

Teams of 6 to 7 dedicated individuals come together to craft unique furniture pieces from reclaimed wooden pallets. The furniture being created has been specially requested by non-profit organizations to meet their specific needs and preferences.
By repurposing materials and channeling their creative energy, the teams play an active role in fostering sustainability and community engagement. Their work reflects a dedication to both environmental responsibility and social impact, making the furniture more than just practical; it becomes a symbol of transformation, purpose, and collaboration.

Agenda of the Day

We work, collaborate and contribute to the common good, and act for a more circular economy, with a nice touch of solidarity.


Welcome Coffee and Pastries


Presentation of Associations and Work


First Phase




Second Phase


Storage and Debriefing




Hear directly from our clients.

Gwenaelle Erseel - Transformation Consultant ALLIANZ Benelux

This week, we had an amazing volunteering day🔥
Our team dedicated a full day to build furnitures (tipi and chairs) with recycled wood pallets in order to give them to a non-profit organisation (Pasrel) that helps and supports minors and their families.

This volunteering day was a great opportunity and example of how bringing together people for a common purpose.

Special thanks to IMPACT VALLEY for the organization and Sarah Duurloo for her support.

Past Editions

In total, we organised 84 Solidarity Pallets activity days for employees of, among others, Google, Horizon Sud, CISCO, Infrabel, Partena Professional, DG Connect, DG Regio, AIG and REA.

CISCO (2018)

Google & Horizon Sud (2018)

Infrabel (March 20, 2018)

Google (2017)

Partena Professional (2017)

DG Regio (2017)

DG Connect (June 23, 2017)

QuintilesIMS (2017)

AIG (2017)

REA (April 27, 2017)

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Are you curious about the Solidarity Pallets and how you can get involved? Join us in making a difference by giving recycled pallets a second life in a meaningful way. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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