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IKEA (2023) — Welcome Home


Welcome Home: a CSR initiative designed to support vulnerable single-parent families in gaining access to decent housing.​


On behalf of IKEA, we are coordinating part of the programme aimed at unblocking resistance and connecting the non-profit sector and the business world in a structured, effective and sustainable way around the theme of access to decent housing for vulnerable single-parent families in Belgium.​

For this programme, we facilitated:
– A 2-day hackathon to co-create 10 recommendations that are now being presented to the political world during debates and a Memorandum;
Local co-creation workshops in each shop in Belgium bringing together local ABSLs and local IKEA workers to solve some of the ASBL’s challenges and build the connection;
A one-day event focusing on the programme to raise awareness internally and allow all shops to co-create their local actions for the coming year.

Find out more about the programme.

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