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2021–2022 | Pioneering

XR4Heritage (2022)


XR4Heritage is a heritage enhancement programme based on the phygital use of emerging technologies. We intervene in the programme “the LAB” that curates heritage challenges and use cases and brings multidisciplinary together to bring solutions to the market.

It helps key cultural actors to create cultural attractions with positive impacts: walking experience, interactive device, immersive exhibition…

The programme aims at transforming audiences into actors and ambassadors of the Heritage.


We organised for the programme a 3-day hackathon to boost the solution finding of the participants after an inspirational module.


At this stage participants needed to land on:

  • A clear vision of their project (Public, type of experience, storytelling, format, ways to transpose the case to other configurations, etc.)
  • A clear vision of their needs in terms of XR technology
  • An action plan to launch the mentoring session.

We designed a 4 phases hackathon:

  1. Understand your topic, define your challenges and empathise with your target audience,
  2.  Brainstorm creatively on the better way to provide solutions to your challenges and to your target audience,
  3. Define your value proposition and your integration in the market,
  4. Align as a team on the next steps and how we are going to get organised.

We then coached the teams to further develop their ideas into functioning prototypes and engaging pitches ready to be presented during the Stereopsia event.

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