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303030 City Climate Change

One of the recent initiatives that we would like to recognize is the “303030 City Climate Change” that connects many significant players with the ambition to support 30 collaborative projects, for 30% less CO2, by 2030 in Brussels.
Climate action is a priority area for the planet and this must be reflected within our society. Emissions reduction calls for actions to be taken at all political levels: regional, federal, national and European. The new regional political makeup creates an opportunity to act now for effective climate action through between government, academia, citizens and private sector. Turning the region into a low CO2 emission zone will not only boost the economy, but also create jobs and increase competitiveness.

This is what led to “303030 City Climate Change”, initiated by BECI. The goal is to give the private sector a leading role in climate policy by proposing and supporting the sustainability transformation of the city, the government, and Brussels based companies through collaborative innovation. Find more about this initiative here.

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