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Being Agile

The concepts of adaptation and agility are of greater importance today than they have ever been. Our world continues to evolve and it is plagued by uncertainties and constant change (VUCA). This rings true today.
Economic uncertainties: at the beginning of April, the IMF announced that a Post-COVID economic crisis is expected to be of a magnitude not seen since the Great Depression. In the Brussels region alone, it is estimated that the number of job seekers will increase by over 10,000 while job offers will considerably reduce. Thanks to continuing government support, enterprises can survive the crisis but this will be put to test from September 30th when financial support will no longer be provided. The future of our economy is uncertain. The foundations we have always relied on have been shaken. What will come of globalisation? Have the existing supply chains been undermined or are they still responsible and viable options?
Social Uncertainties: As evidenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, the status quo is no longer tenable. Never before have we witnessed as many feminist, ecological, anti-racism or LGBTQIA+ movements around Europe as we currently are. Laws across the board are evolving to reflect the call by social movements to render our societies more just and egalitarian.

We must acquaint ourselves with and seek to understand the world we live in to predict change: legislative, cultural and economic change. We are witnessing a paradigm shift.

Being agile calls for anticipating what is to come and knowing how to quickly adapt. Agility involves continually seeking the delicate balance between the active dimension (demonstrating one’s capacity to put ideas into action), the reactive dimension (seeking available opportunities as a result of ongoing change) and the proactive dimension (value creation).

Agility requires a business to be cognisant of the current state of affairs by listening, understanding and consequently acting to ensure its sustainability.

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