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Importance of Collaboration

Synergies between actors is essential to resolve the pressing challenges of this era. Acting in silos will bear no fruit, a single actor cannot arrive at global solutions or ease our uncertainties.
As highlighted by Mariana Mazzucato in “The Entrepreneurial State,” even GAFAM, the digital giants, enjoyed support, especially legal and financial support, as they revolutionised our world and shared their innovation.

During the crisis, numerous collective initiatives were born most notably hackathons. Various Hack Crisis hackathons were held in several countries and these created platforms for cooperation and collaboration. Our HackCOVID Hackathon showed us that we could have global reach if necessary, why should this not be capitalised on? Why shouldn’t we see this through?

At a time when it was thought that social distancing would drive us insane, we were able to maintain social ties, workplace relations and keep innovating thanks to collective intelligence. Each of us contributed to upholding its principles including those who participated in charity organizations, helped next-door neighbours, lent a helping hand to those in need or ventured into unchartered community service territories.
Internal collaboration is an asset. Many enterprises created working groups that promoted solutions by colleagues, for colleagues. This is what we aim to promote at Impact Valley. Equipping individuals with the skills that will make them resilient. We believe that the equation Agility + Empathy + Collaboration = Resilience could be the winning formula out of this crisis.

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