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2018 | Pioneering

AXA (2018) — Paris, France


How can we organise an acceleration programme in one day for 70 young employees on the graduate programme, coming from all over the world with their own challenging projects?


We designed and delivered a 1-day workshop that leveraged collective intelligence and enabled best-practice sharing in a very fast way, with 10 facilitators. Following an inspirational session, each of the 10 teams worked with one of the facilitators to better understand the context of a “project owner” who presented their challenge.
In the next session, each team passed their insights over to another group that brainstormed solutions to the projects using our innovation tools and frameworks.
In the afternoon, individuals were able to select one project to develop further and presented their top two solutions to the challenge back to the group.

Project Impact

10 AXA regional projects were advanced and improved by collective insights from high-potential graduates from other countries and different functions within AXA. A new global community of your graduates was also created.

2018 | Bridging


How can we create a team-building activity with social purpose where graduates can learn about entrepreneurship as well as what AXA stands for?


We designed and coordinated an ideation day for 12 young graduates where the purpose was to solve two main challenges that Redder is facing everyday: preventing children from going missing on beaches and reducing beach pollution.
We split the group into 3 small teams and assigned one of our facilitators to each group. The goal was to enable the innovation process by leveraging the right tools and to prepare groups to pitch their concrete solutions at the end.


“Impact Valley supported us in the design and facilitation of a programs dedicated to the global graduates of AXA all over the world.” — Alexandre Robat, Talent Lead at AXA.

Project Impact

Development of four inspiring concepts that Redder can explore further and implement with support from AXA.
AXA (2018) — Ostend, Belgium

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