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2020–2021 | Bridging

BNP Paribas (2021) — Synergie14


BNPPF is a bank connected to its environment and to the society in which it operates, whether it is through its Foundation or through the 1 million hours to give challenge, the bank donates to numerous associations. The COVID crisis has reshuffled the cards. It was no longer possible to organise face-to-face corporate volunteering events. The crisis has been going on for a year now. It was inconceivable for BNPPF to wait until it was over to start again its volunteering activities.


In partnership with Hu-Bu, we developed a programme we called “Virtual Solidarity Team Building”. One day, 3 teams composed of BNPPF employees to help an association with its very specific problematics. For this first day with BNPPF, the chosen non-profit organisation was Synergie 14, which helps young people in difficulty, particularly those in exile, to reintegrate into society.
The team was working full time with permission to access data from all over the company. We provided innovation tools, facilitation, and project management to support and frame the work.
By the end of the 8 weeks the team had produced a 130 pages report presenting their exploration of the problem, and the key challenges they identified along the way. They presented their conclusions to the top management.


A new website: A team has worked on revising the website of the ASBL in order to make it more attractive and representative of the work of the ASBL for visitors. The team has produced an extensive document that proposes a new structure for the website and content ideas for each page.
A pedagogical document: It was important for the ASBL to have a comprehensive document that includes everything that is being done, describes the actions, operating and financing methods so that interested people can deep dive into the world of the association and find out everything quickly. The team produced this document, its structure, a large part of its content and made a proposal for its design.
Communication documents: A not-for-profit often makes events to introduce itself. Synergie 14 needed banners, business cards & flyers to improve its visibility. The team produced 1 proposal for all 3 formats, proposing the content and visual identity.

Project Impact

From a satisfaction survey conducted the day after the end of the program:
  • 4.5 — This initiative brings a real positive impact to Synergy 14.
  • 4.7 — The choice of the ASBL was relevant.
  • 4.2 — What is your general satisfaction with the day?

2018–2019 | Bridging

BNP Paribas: Impact Now


How can we enable citizens to design and accelerate their projects considering the other players within the ecosystem and their existing solutions?


We co-launched the first Impact Now and delivered 4 workshops in several Belgian cities where curious citizens, social entrepreneurs and impact-driven organizations could join a project and accelerate it.
After choosing one of the themes (circular economy, human capital, decarbonisation and smart city), the participants were invited to join a table and share their project if they had one.
They could then select the most relevant one and identify the key challenges to work on. The next step was to define innovative solutions by leveraging the existing assets, resources and partners to collaborate with.


“Impact Valley helped us through different initiatives to position BNP Paribas Fortis on the sustainable innovation ecosystem in Belgium.” — Aymeric Ollibet, Sustainable Business at BNPPF.

Project Impact

A new community of 500+ changemakers and many projects accelerated through the power of collective intelligence.
BNP Paribas (2019) — Impact Now

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