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Since 2018-2022 | Pioneering


A training journey on the hard and soft skills to facilitate innovation : the Cisco Innovation Studio. 



How can we accelerate our business transformation and make our people think and act as entrepreneurs to create and deliver a strong value proposition, through an agile way of working?


We have collaborated closely for five years with Cisco Belgium and Cisco Europe to help them identify, train and support ten people yearly during a one-year transformation program.

Talents enter first a Train the Facilitator programme (4 days) in which we do a skill transfer on our innovation methodology, agile project management technics and collective intelligence tools.

We make them facilitators and support them in organising their own internal hackathon for clients in person or online.

It is a way for Cisco to improve trust with their client, develop business with them and develop an intrapreneurial mindset internally.

Cisco (2018) — Innovation Studio

2020 | Pioneering

Cisco (2020) — Innovation Studio
Cisco (2020) — Virtual Innovation Challenge


Zoom on the impact of the programme “Cisco Innovation Studio” in 2020. 

In 2020, we trained 12 Cisco collaborators. 


1- They are immersed. They participate to an innovation workshop or hackathon following the 4D methodology.

2- They follow a 4-days training on the 4D methodology, collective intelligence technics, and innovation tools. 

3- They organise their own internal hackathon with clients. Clients bring a challenge and a team of minimum 5 persons. Cisco newly trained facilitator They offer a space and facilitation for their clients to solve their own 


In a nutshell, we developed a program to make a skill transfer. We teach to corporate talents how to facilitate and organise Hackathons, as well as coach them to become actors and foster innovation in their organizations.

We did the training with a wave of coaches in Cisco in 2020. 

Since 2018| Pioneering



One of our main client, the major tech player Cisco, has initiated an innovation journey that now inspires more and more ecosystems.

We are proud to have partnered with a pioneer and witnessed the evolution of the culture.

We also grew in contact to the project: we improved our knowledge sharing, perfected our programme to optimise change, and gained experience on tech related problematics.


60 people have been directly trained and accompanied for a 6 months. 

On average each hackathon has gathered 5 clients (50 people). 

Participants were satisfied to. be given the opprtunity to 

Solutions developed thereafter have been increasing business for Cisco and deepening relationships, and understanding of the clients needs. 


“Impact Valley enabled Cisco to build a new innovation department and generate new business opportunities with societal impact too.” — Hugues De Pra, CTTO at Cisco.


Our client is now completely autonomous

Cisco (2018) — Innovation Studio


Cisco — Volunteering Weeks


Twice a year, Cisco organise what they call ‘Giving Back Week’: firstly, during Volunteering Week in April and then, at the end of November, in the run-up to International Volunteering Day on 5 December.  

Collaborators are offered during these weeks the opportunity to take a working day to support an association. 


For examples :

– Renovation work: repairing equipment, repainting walls, building community gardens, etc.
– Environmental activities: cleaning beaches, parks, rivers, planting trees, etc.
– Social support: visiting the elderly, helping the homeless, etc.


We support Cisco:

Structuring the campaign and its objectives
Selecting a diversity of activities/ NPOs everywhere in Belgium (among our +2,500 network of NPOs)
Recruiting – using our personalised platform

– Carrying out the activity
Measuring the impact at the end of the week


Each week, on average, 160 collaborators give their support to 16 not-for-profit organisations all around Belgium. 


Cisco — Volunteering Weeks

the mindset

We insist that the mindset of these activities is:


 ❤️‍🔥 POSITIVE CONCRETE IMPACT: It’s not about performance. It is about being useful. Participants define the output and collaborate to complete the pro bono assignment within the defined period.


 😎 POSITIVE ONLINE TEAM SPIRIT: We take the time to connect together in goodwill. Participants agree to adopt a benevolent attitude towards other volunteers and NPO representatives.


 🌏 OPEN-MINDEDNESS: Volunteering is not a top-down process. We gather to learn from each other.


Every year, Cisco organise in collaboration with us a Giving Back Week. 

In 2021, among tens of propositions of on-site activities, we proposed a virtual activity for people that prefer volunteering with their brainpower &, or from their homes.


During 1 day, supported by facilitators, collaborators provided their expertise and time on the specific development challenges of Foodarity


  • How might we improve Foodarity visibility & legitimacy?
  • How might we target new types of beneficiaries?


We designed and facilitated a one-day co-creation workshop following the 4D methodology . Focusing on Discover (exploring the problem and offering. afresh point of view) and Design (proposing innovative ideas). 




  • Get new ideas and new perspectives on a challenge well-known,
  • Get an opportunity to be visible and get in touch with a company,
  • Raise awareness!


  • Feeling of being useful by taking the time to give back to local communities,
  • Get challenged by new ways of brainstorming and collaborating,
  • Learn from NPO’s internal organisation, business model, actions & how to ideate with constraints.


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