Impact Valley got engaged in the super-Mission Horizon Europe, with the European Commission, VO EUROPE and PARTICITIZ.

The French city of Le Havre Seine Métropole was chosen to be an experimental city on the subject climate-neutral and smart cities. During 1 day, we focused on the point of view of a representative sample of citizens from Le Havre. Their concerns, their dreams and ideas for the city of 2030 have been tackled.

We participated as facilitators of collective intelligence. Online.
Bonding and leveraging collective intelligence is possible with everyone !! 😉

Martin Germeau, Superhero, oversaw this cool project. Thanks to him we spent a positive day, helping citizens reflecting on questions that touch them and their communities 💜

Listening to the opinion of all is how you imagine a sustainable future and generate engagement and passion for this future. We keep going!