Challenge: The challenge for Sofina was to translate the UN Principles on Responsible Investment into an internal policy through which new processes for investment decision making would be made [...]


Challenge: Why isn’t the client base growing sufficiently? Solution: To best respond to this problem, the Crack The Code team was made up of eight VOO employees from different departments. The [...]


Before the crisis, Cisco Germany was in a “Train-the-facilitator” journey with us. A total of 10 talents was trained to become facilitators on the 4D’s methodology.


How can we validate the concept of an event and generate new ideas to improve the user experience of attendees and maximize the impact?


How can we mobilize our innovation talents around our key strategic priorities and make our first initiatives more concrete? 


How can we mobilise employees and engage them in an intrapreneurial journey with the aim of generating a positive impact on business and society?


How can we facilitate the co-creation process between our different stakeholders and position ourselves as a key enabler of innovation?


How to stimulate ideas in our company and accelerate the development of these ideas through co-creation?  


How to connect our different stakeholders and enable them to collaborate and design new solutions with a circular economy model? 


How can we leverage external support in an effective way and accelerate the development of very early stage ideas?