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Would you like to drive innovation in your company in a way that contributes to a more sustainable future for everyone?

We can help you design and deliver an innovation programme that delivers a tangible business impact and societal value for your company. We can offer you our unique experience of integrating business and societal strategic priorities.

Leading organizations know the importance of constantly reinventing themselves and responding to changes (and predicted changes) in the market because innovation is part of their NDA. Knowing that societal challenges play a major role in the business environment of today and the future, Innovation Leaders are now considering sustainability throughout their entrepreneurial processes, while ensuring they deliver the positive business impact expected by the c-level.

This is how we support them in their journey


A short intervention where Impact Valley founding partners or speakers from our network inspire your peers on the future of innovation and CSR.


A 3-day innovation sprint where we help your teams design new solutions to very specific challenges through a fast and iterative design process.


We help internal startup teams to accelerate their project by positioning ourselves as a co-founder and playing the role of a scrum master


From ideation to prototyping, we facilitate acceleration programmes to incubate your most talented intrapreneurs and bring their ideas to the market.


When a company needs to transform the way they work, we help innovation leaders leverage internal talents and manage the change effectively.

You didn’t find a solution? Challenge us and we’ll design a new offering just for you!