Cisco – Innovation in action

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One of our main clients, the major tech player Cisco, has initiated an innovation journey that now inspires more and more ecosystems.

Our typical innovation journey was launched as we worked with Cisco a few years ago and it entails the following 5 steps:

  • identification of future innovation champions
  • immersive experimentation of our methodology
  • knowledge transfer through train-the-trainers
  • facilitation of an innovation challenge
  • support in the implementation of new products and services.

Cisco opened up their innovation challenge to external actors. This approach proved to be wildly successful, generating economic, social and environmental value and has now been adopted into the Cisco innovation system.

Other organizations including Cisco’s business partners are replicating this model. Because our methodology encourages innovation experiments and knowledge transfer to ensure sustainability of the model, we see its ripple effect to-date.

In this way, this Cisco Initiative, co-facilitated by Hugues De Pra, has paved the way and is now more than a best practice sharing session, but the foundation of a systemic innovation. Let’s see where it goes!

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